My Favourite Council

Peter Walker

Many years ago, when Private Eye was in its infancy, a young writer named Paul Foot was a regular contributor. Quite often, his articles were about Southend Council and after a while he came to refer to them as “my favourite Council” because the scurrilous behaviour of Southend Council provided Foot with so much juicy material upon which to base his articles.

Those of us who have launched this website have done so because we believe that Southend Borough Council is no better than they were in the 1960s. Long experience of political campaigning in Southend and beyond have brought us to this view. What is worse, the Council are supported by a largely uncritical press: the Southend Echo has proved to be little more than a mouthpiece for Southend Councillors over the years and groups campaigning against the Council’s excesses have rarely been treated fairly by the Echo. So, on the basis that “if you want anything done, do it yourself”, we have decided to publish and be damned.

However,  a website which just moaned about the Council and did little else would soon become very dull indeed. We do not intend to be negative, but proactive. We want Eye on Southend to become a focal point of the local community: if you are a member of a group and have achieved something newsworthy or have an event planned which you would like publicised, we would like to know about it.

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